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Why a wildlife Tour to India ?

The African fauna is the only wildlife that can be fairly compared with the rich wildlife of India. India falls in the category of 12 mega diversified countries in the world there are more than 1200 species of birds and at least 13 percent of the world’s birds are present on this ancient country. If you love wildlife, a vacation to India is definitely asked for. You can capture many extraordinary moments and enjoy the luxurious vacation at quintessential resorts that have finest portico to lend you a finest accommodation so that you can enjoy the forest view lying in the bed itself. If you want to enjoy living life in an extraordinary form and wish to experience the wildlife in its elemental form, come to India.

India has unparalleled diversity of habitat and different types of wildlife. Various landscapes including mountains, valleys, forests, deserts, lakes and seas offer suitable climate and temperature for diverse fauna to develop a wide spectrum of wildlife in the country.

India hosts both tigers and lions on its land. There are 14 species of cats including leopard, snow leopard, marbled cat, clouded leopard, caracal and lynx. There are many more in the forest land along with 8 different species of deer. They lend a delightful sight to the rich fauna of India. Naturalists can also admire elephants, horned rhinoceros, wild buffaloes, gaur or the wild oxen. Gazelles, antelopes, black bucks can be easily seen roaming on the wild open plains of India. Jungles also host various langours, primates, and macaques in their heart.

There are more than 1250 bird species that lend a delightful bird watching spree into the jungle with their sweet melodious tweets and chirps. You can experience the rich wildlife of India by jeep, boats, cycles, elephants, camels or on foot. The list of fauna in this heartland is endless.

Bharatpur Travelogue
They say it is a birder's delight, but I feel it is any wildlife aficionado's delight. Even after repeated visits to Keoladeo,  185 kms from Delhi, the sight of an enigmatic Dusky Eagle owl never ceases to fascinate me, and this time around I had my precious Nikon Binocs -god bless his soul whoever(Hans Lippershay?) invented it.

Corbett Travelogue
Growing up reading Corbett’s stories, I assumed the word ‘jungle’ synonoumos with Corbett. I am yet to visit all the NP of India, but having visited quite a few ones would like to crown Corbett my favourite. The entire topography fascinates me.

Kanha Travelogue
My name is Nilanjana and I am an avid bird watcher and a big time wildlife enthusiast. I take frequent trips here in India to various National Parks and am always on the lookout for some unusual spotting. 48 hours back, I came back from Kanha, one of the biggest National Parks in Central India.

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